The Sports Camps NE Vision

At Sports Camps NE, we are passionate about sport and play. Children develop physically, socially and emotionally through structured activities and fun games. The aim of our sports camps is to ensure every single child has the opportunity to meet new friends, play a range of sports, be creative and have lots of fun and an enjoyable experience in a safe and secure environment. Your child will have a memorable time that they will never forget!

The Story Behind Sports Camps NE

Sports Camps was founded by Matthew Lawn, at the age of 22 he gained experience through coaching young children in America. In 2008 he brought back this passion home to the North East of England. Since then he has worked with over 5000 children (and counting) to help engage young people in sports through his role as Head of PE and Sport at an outstanding primary school and through his award winning Football Squirts classes.